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Want to rent our eqipment? No problem. We are committed to always giving the most competitive and cost effective rental prices for our extensive selection of equipment and services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

Our hassle free DSLR package comprises of the Canon 5D KarkII, we have a variety of lenses that can be included in the package as well as Matte Box, lighting options, and Gliders.


Our EB style equipment revolves around our Sony PDW F/700 and Sony PDW F/800 cameras, we also have various ENG style lenses on offer such as the Canon HJ 14x and HJ 22x, the package also includes all the necessary sound equipment, namely the Sound Devices 522, as well as boom and mic of course. An Arri lighting set can also be rented if the need arrises.


Our Terradeck wireless video transmitter allows us to eliminate the cable chaos that we all know too well and transmits a full HD signal direct to your Ipad or Wifi enabled monitor. For those who prefer a more traditional approach we also have a TV Logic field monitor 9/15/22/?” that we can offer for your production.


For cinema style productions or high end documentary productions, we can also offer the Industry leading Arri Alexa camera, Prime lenses Ziess cp2 (18,25,35,50,100mm) Alura Zoom 45 – 250mm, Matte Box, and follow-focus are all also available.


For productions needing highspeed image capture, we have the Weisscam HSII on offer, this astonishing camera can deliver up to 2000 full HD frames per second.


After all the blood, sweat, and tears are done, and you have finished filming your production. We also have a fully equipped Avid editing suite on offer with professional editing staff to make your project come to life!


Interested? Please get in contact.

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